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i like to vist twili sittes on the web . i like to read abut twilight , about the atores , the story, movies , books , hay its so poplære etc . i also like see pic :)
WhyteCliff Park

Whytecliff Park, West Vancouver

i read twilight agegen for 5-6 times wehn i frinch the last page in braking dawn i just start reading twilight agen ! and at same time i also read midnight sun , the offfil guide (yes i read more then one book at same time m its not like i have one book in the one hand and some aftor book in the otoher hand , ) twilight is THE book !!!!. it's the only books i want to read! and of coz abut twiliht :) i porsebud i read when i sluod sheep ;) some times

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