hi... i have brthday fuw days ago :) i get good grift !! :D i gut movie companions wtih twilight , eclipe and breaking dawn pArt one ! and " twilight in forks the saga of the real town ". its cool !!! i also get breaking dawn bed line ! , its soo coool to sheep whtih ! i get breaking dawn part 2 deluxe box ! and more. i read the books for ca . 6-7. time for the time i read ecilpce :) at same time i hear braking dawn part 2 srundtrack i like it ., i have hang up some ' new ' posters up at my room . i think i get them from a magaze , and of cosce the poster thre flowed wtih breakig dawn delxe box :) i like to drwaing twilight things , but i don't always have enny idea for what to draw , it may not be to hard to darw i wloud like to draw something wtih fx the cullens . i think it ecsething to sruff twilight sittes , see or read intawiws wtih the stars . i aloso like to read q&a abut twilight mosty if its sethpine . or take quzes even them i think is a litte brit essy ;) but stil fun [[File:Tumblr_mnzjeis7bi1su
Bd poster
BD2 Xmas3

Christmas scene

BD2 Xmas1

Christmas scene


Is This It?



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