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Sasc3000 March 30, 2013 User blog:Sasc3000
i love twilight the books and movies!! bella and edwards love stroy is very cool ! im on team cullen most edward! coz thery are very cool :-) i read the books for 4. time and they are soo cool as frist time i read them !! i have a lot twilight posters on my walls and have "liked " a lot of twilight sites on facebook . i like to sruf on twili hard sitte and i have seen the movies a lot of times thery are soo good most breaking dawn prat 2 but i love all the movies ! i made a work to the school arbet vampires and come a litte in on twilight :) its was nice to wook whtih that:)

some cool pic of twilight

[[File:000000000000000000.jpg|thumb|forever ] i think twilight will live forever !! i was a litte sad but also happy when i buy breaking dawn part 2 sad coz i new that it is the last movie . but the movie is very cool ! så i saw the ! its was really avesome to see breaking dawn part 2 agin i have saw the in the chenemax one time pretty avsome


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