hi ... today my fav game on my ipad drilled and i genstat coz it had work before but not this time so my fav game will stil not as i will . and so safiri ( my net bosser on the ipad ) so now i sit whtih my com and chik twilight pages one of my  faw things ;)  but its  a twilight bolg  so i will write abut the avesome books , movies etc. i tink its very nendern at there is so mech , to much i meen .. coz its hard to find some palce threre is no 1D and Jb i think it will be very very more cool if that is twilight stuf .,but mabye my monny holds longer :p but yes it wold be cool if that happed . well i wold shop amkok in  twli thnigs. ohh dammm mabye it willl hard to falll sheep toniight coz safiri on my ipad will do as i want and it will not go if i use my com mbye my fon

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