I am excited to announce that twilight saga wiki has been chosen as a test wiki for our new video project. Starting tomorrow (Thursday October 20), you will see a video module at the bottom of each page, that allows you to watch, add (and remove) twilight videos from a selection of our new video partners. We are continuing to work on acquiring legal, high quality content for your use and we hope to have more added soon.

You can watch any of the videos in the module by clicking on the thumbnail of the video. To add a video to a video module, simply click on the add a video button and input the url from the If you want to remove a video from a video module, click on the x on the video to remove it.

You can see all of the Twilight related videos that are currently available here. We have also added a feedback link - so please click it to let us know what you think of the modules, the quality of the available videos and your thoughts on video on your wiki in general. If you have any questions, please post them below. We hope to hear all about your likes, dislikes and future requests. Thanks!

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