• Sarah Manley

    Hi All!

    Last year, we began experimenting with some video features on a certain set of test wikis. Our goal was to gauge our visitors' interest in watching videos. Our findings were not surprising: people love to watch on-topic videos.

    The main tool we used to test this was the Related Videos module (which you can see in the right rail). It was built as a proof-of-concept feature and we knew it wasn't scalable to launch on many more wikis. We've reached the point in our Video project where we're confident enough to turn on for more wikis (release plan TBD). However, this requires some functionality changes.

    The module was customizable on a page-level. For example, for the "Janitor" article on Scrubs, I could add many videos solely about the J…

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  • Sarah Manley

    I am excited to announce that twilight saga wiki has been chosen as a test wiki for our new video project. Starting tomorrow (Thursday October 20), you will see a video module at the bottom of each page, that allows you to watch, add (and remove) twilight videos from a selection of our new video partners. We are continuing to work on acquiring legal, high quality content for your use and we hope to have more added soon.

    You can watch any of the videos in the module by clicking on the thumbnail of the video. To add a video to a video module, simply click on the add a video button and input the url from the If you want to remove a video from a video module, click on the x on the video to remove i…

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  • Sarah Manley

    Wikis are all about editing, and having a great editing tool makes contributions easy, fast, and fun. To improve your editing experience on Wikia, we have been upgrading our editor's layout and design.

    This wiki has been chosen to test the new design, making you among the first to see and use it. The new editor will be enabled here Monday June 13.

    We've redesigned the experience from the ground up, so there are many updates across the board, including improvements to both the visual and source mode editing. The main changes you will see are:

    • The media features have been moved from the top toolbar to the right rail. Note: On the main page, which has no right rail, these items remain in the top toolbar area.
    • The feature list is expandable — you c…

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