A/N: CHAPTER 2 BABY! Haha this is again dedicated to CullenLoverForever17!!!

Alice's PoV

"Well Alice... I think you may be having a baby." Carlisle said. My eyes widened.

"No, no, no, NO!!!" I said. A child? But what happened with Bella... uh oh.

"Rosalie? Could you turn me into a vampire right after the baby is born?" I asked.

"Yes Alice." she said. She seemed slightly angry. Probably because now Bella AND Me are gonna have a kid. I got a vision. (A/N: She still has her powers while human)

"It's gonna be a girl!" I squealed. (A/N: Now I didn't know Alice couldn't see anything with Nessie around when I wrote this so sorry she has visions lol.)

Bella hugged me and congraduated me. Suddenly the baby kicked hard and I nearly knocked me over. Bella caught me. There was a knock on the door.

"Oh Hello Charlie." I heard Edward say at the door. I looked down! Uh oh! I looked a month!

"I came to see Bella and Alice." I heard Charlie say. Ahh!!! Of course!

"Bella come in front of me!" I said and Bella jumped in front of me.

"Hi Dad!" Bella said.

"Hi Bella, Hi Alice." he said. Suddenly, Nessie started crying and Bella ran (in human speed) over to her mumbing sorry on her way over.

"Hi Charlie!" I said. His eyes widened and he said,

"Alice are you having a baby? Aren't you 17?" I nodded and looked down. A tear fell out. I was shocked at first but then I remembered I'm human for a while. I cried more and ran to Bella.

"Oh my gosh what is it Alice?" she said.

"Charlie knows, I can't do this! He's gonna hate me!" I said and cried harder.Bella put her hands on my shoulders,

"Alice he loves you like a daughter! He's not gonna hate you! Right Edward?" she saod.

"Right!" Edward said. Jasper was distracting Charlie.

"Okay." I said and sniffed.

Jasper walkedin. "Charlie left." he said. I hugged him and whispered,

"Thanks." We pulled apart and I sat down next to Nessie on the couch.

"What are you gonna name it?" she asked.

"Huh. I don't know." I said and shrugged.

"Hey what about Malexandra? But we call her Maxi? Mary is your real name and you love the name Alexandra." Bella said.

"Yes I love it, thanks Bella." I said.

"The middle name could be Jalice. You know Jasper and Alice combined." Nessie said.

"Perfect!" I said and hugged Nessie.

A/N: The name is decided! Don't ask me where the part Alexandra came from. Me and my best friend were texting back in forth names and came up with Malexandra Jalice Hale Cullen. Long. But yea! HOPE YOU LIKED!!! :D

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