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Ryno27 January 27, 2010 User blog:Ryno27

Ok so I saw the pics on here of the New Moon DVD cover and I wanted to go order it so I went to Stephenie Meyer's website and saw that she had a link to pre-order the two disc special edition so I did. I got over excited though and realized after I ordered that I wanted the three disc deluxe edition to go with my three disc Twilight DVD lol. I was unaware that Target was the only one who sold the three disc sets so I spent like thirty minutes tryint to find the darn DVD lol. I know I am dumb, no need to tell me ;) I found it though and stopped the Amazon order and re pre-ordered the deluxe edition!! I cant wait til it gets here. Share in my excitement and leave a comment telling me how happy you are that this movie is finally here. Thank you for reading :)



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