Dear Diary,

This is how you start these things off as said my sister and bestfriend Alice. She had gotten me this book on Christmas and said that I should VENT my feelings in this book instead of out loud. I am only doing this so people will won't look at me like I am crazy. I try my best to not be taken as a mean and rude person who is just really underdstood. In the future if people see a difference in me then I will thank Alice. But if not then Alice is going to owe me big time.

My day today is kind of special since it is me and Emmett's anniversery of the day we fell in love. We aren't doing anything special but staying in and going out dancing. So I dress in my vintage valentino red dress and red Christian Louboutin shoes and went downstairs to land in Emmett's arms for a kiss.

His lips are so soft and his scent is like like a man's vintage colonge I have never smelt before. Once we pulled away we headed into the family room to have all eyes on me.

You look beautiful Rose Chimed Alice on Jasper's lap.

Agreed and elegant Esme added.

It was nice to know that everyone thought I was beautiful. I am used to people adoring me but it gets me off guard now. Well almost everyone Edward was staring into Bella's eyes while holding Renesmee. God I love her she is the most beautiful baby girl in the world I wish she was mine so much.

Bella and Edward are really lucky and I know she is too. Me and Emmett said our good nights and headed out. Once we reached our destination at the classical music club we headed straight to the dance floor. We danced and danced until it was time to go. Once home Emmett and I climbed and layed on the roof. Being in his arms made me feel safe and lucky to have somone love me like I was the only woman in the world.

Just because I may seem vain and selfish you have to get to know me and understand where I came from and how I felt about losing my human life.

Will write again soon.

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