aka Samirah Sartor

  • I live in Hazleton,New Jersey
  • I was born on November 2
  • My occupation is Dancer
  • I am Female
  • Rose1582

    Esme is the best

    March 11, 2012 by Rose1582

    In my opinion I just love esme Cullen even thought she really doesn't speak much she knows a lot about what is going on and doesn't ask questions. She has the biggest heart I ever seen and read. She was even willing to take bree in and she was a leathal newborn who wanted to kill bella. Also, when bella was pregnant with renesmee even though she wanted bella to live and be healthy she couldn't bring herself to tell bella to get an abortion. Lastly she is the best grandmother to renesmee and treated the wolves with such care and love like her own children. But that is my opinion what do you think of esme Cullen

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  • Rose1582

    Rosalie Hale Diary

    January 12, 2012 by Rose1582

    Dear Diary,

    This is how you start these things off as said my sister and bestfriend Alice. She had gotten me this book on Christmas and said that I should VENT my feelings in this book instead of out loud. I am only doing this so people will won't look at me like I am crazy. I try my best to not be taken as a mean and rude person who is just really underdstood. In the future if people see a difference in me then I will thank Alice. But if not then Alice is going to owe me big time.

    My day today is kind of special since it is me and Emmett's anniversery of the day we fell in love. We aren't doing anything special but staying in and going out dancing. So I dress in my vintage valentino red dress and red Christian Louboutin shoes and went downs…

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