I think we should include some of the characters illustrations from the Twilight saga the official illustrated guide on the character bios. For the most part, the depicted illustrations of the characters in the guide are impressively excellent and surprisingly accurate to what is described in the books... The illustration of Bella as a vampire is.. Just.. Wow. And Carlisle, Esme, and Edward look ravishing. Rosalie and Emmett too. Alice and Jasper look good but ehh.. Not as good as what's described in the books. But in the illustrations in the twilight graphic novels they all look gorgeous so we should definitely add some from those. And the Cullen house too... Stephenie Meyer said the illustrations by young Kim were very close to what she was picturing while writing the books, and it would be cool to show a more faithful-to-the-novels version of the characters we've all come to know and love, in addition to the ones portrayed by the actors ( I've seen something similar to this in the Vampire Chronicles Wiki). Maybe we could put them at the end of the bios? Can anyone else back me up on this because the administrators are exceptionally tight on this wiki...

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