The continued life of Renesmee Cullen

Just a year after her birth Renesmee had already aged to what seemed like five or six was actually one. I still couldn't belive that this perfect little angel was mine and Edawrds on child. Whenever i held her i was constantly remined how much i am greatful that i didn't let Carlise take her out of me like planned but let her actually be born. I could tell Edward felt the exact same as me but more guilty that he had ever thought of killing our baby girl.

Not only did she coneect with us but everyone she met. The Amazonian vampires keep in touch just liked they promise and we are planning a holiday there with them. Already our daughter has become very determined to keep her promises and pull her parents on the right track.

The other day Charlie came over. He is still a little awkaward about it all but soon relaxs into the fact his daughter and grandaughter are both vampires. He made Renesmee laugh when he turned completely white when he heard the story for the first time. She likes which is a relief and obeys are rules about his blood being of limits. Renee has not yet seen the baby but she knows about it all and is constantly updated by Esme who is overwhelmed by her first granchild which she treats like her own daughter.

Jacob is the only thing i can't get used to. To know that someday he and Renesmee may have a romantic conection sickens me but i must learn to control myself when he flirts with her. she likes him very much but does not yet know about the imprinting and if Jacob told her i would kill him.

To be continued.......

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