So I wrote my own fanfiction. Sort of my own continuation of the original series (post Breaking Dawn). I have a blog for it and everything. I sort of had an idea, and went with it. The name is Moonlit Sun, and the main character's name is Rhett Mason. Check it out! Please! And rate here if you like it, or if you don't ;)

Here's the prologue so you can get a picture of my style...

====Prologue ====

It was yet again hopeless to move these curtains from my never yielding calm sense of reasoning. As it’s always been before, death taunted me and I felt safe.

           I was protected. 

As I stood on the mountain ledge overlooking the clearing below me, I couldn’t help knowing that I had everything they wished they had. This black cloaked enemy looked awfully pathetic as they formed a tight circle around a very precious core. Their fear was tangible. How this made me laugh. They had come to exterminate us, like we were the contaminated beings. Oh how that was different now. Like they knew what love was…?

This was prediction number one.

A howl echoed through the trees and off the lush green mountains. The group below stirred again in fright, some gnashed their teeth at the air, hissing. There was a second howl, and then a third, each joining into each other’s call. Like planned, a loud bark gloated through the night air. Complete, eerie silence finished this fleeting gesture, and also the second prediction. Everything was ready.

A smile crossed my lips as I looked up at him, at my only link to life now. He was smiling as well; he was ready. Something was still wrong, though. I could tell. His eyes said it all; anytime I needed to know anything, I merely had to look him in the eye.

Rain began to fall – the last prediction.

It was time.

The rain became beady white crystals as it fell down the contour of his face and I couldn’t help but suddenly wonder what would happen if this all went wrong. The love of his life was fulfilling her obligation to make this work. Would he have a chance to say good bye to her? At the same time, he had to be near me to succeed.

There was no other option. This had to work…

He flinched violently and his gaze finally met mine. I tried to make my thoughts sound as pleading as my eyes.

           Stay with me brother.

           “Rhett, ’till the very end,” he whispered, placing his hand on my arm. He smiled and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Let’s get ‘em, then,” I said through my teeth, and we charged the sea of black cloaks.

I hope you enjoyed this :) now head to my real blog!


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