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    Twilight Fanfiction

    July 26, 2010 by RhettCullen

    So I wrote my own fanfiction. Sort of my own continuation of the original series (post Breaking Dawn). I have a blog for it and everything. I sort of had an idea, and went with it. The name is Moonlit Sun, and the main character's name is Rhett Mason. Check it out! Please! And rate here if you like it, or if you don't ;)

    Here's the prologue so you can get a picture of my style...

    ====Prologue ====

    It was yet again hopeless to move these curtains from my never yielding calm sense of reasoning. As it’s always been before, death taunted me and I felt safe.

    I was protected.

    As I stood on the mountain ledge overlooking the clearing below me, I couldn’t help knowing that I had everything they wished they had. This black cloaked enemy looked awfully p…

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