Lillian August.

"When I say 'I love you' it's not because I want you or because I can't have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try. I've seen your kindness and your strength. I've seen the best and worst of you. And I understnad with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You're one hell of a guy."

-Lillian to Alec.

Born on December 24, 1999, Raksha-Andromeda-Vulpecula Lillian Melania Adella August (known as Lillian) is a half-vampire/half-human hybrid and is the youngest member of the Volturi coven. Lillian is the biological daughter of Adella-Andromeda Vulpecula August (known as Adella) and Greyson Donovan, and the soulmate of Alec. On the paternal side, Lillian's grandparents are Lillian and Beckham Donovan, she has an aunt named Eden Donovan-Anders, who is married to Corbin Anders. From Eden and Corbin, Lillian has two cousins named Rylan Anders and Kylan Anders. While, on the maternal side, Lillian's grandparents are Melanie and Chandler August. Lillian has an aunt named Delia August who married Dane Cameron, they have three children by the names of- Noah Cameron, Jett Cameron and Hadley Cameron. Lillian's second aunt is Rosalind August, she married Cohan Ackerman and had two children named... Jagger Ackerman and Rose Ackerman. Lillian's third aunt, Melania August, married Bryson Alvarez, they ended up having four children- James Alvarez, Reyna Alvarez, Mason Alvarez and Keegan Alvarez. And finally Lillian's uncle, Quinn August, married Charis Black and they had five children... Quinn Black-August Jr, Hadrian Black-August, Gabriel Black-August, Hayden Black-August and Haylen Black-August.

Lillian's adopted family consists of her soulmate,Alec, her adopted/sister-in-law, Jane and her other adopted sisters: Chelsea , Heidi, Corin and Renata . Lillian's adoptive brothers are, Felix , Demetri , Afton and Santiago. Lillian's adoptive parents are Aro and Sulpicia , her adoptive uncles and aunts are... Marcus and Didyme and Caius and Athenodora .

Lillian is considered to the the Volturi's angel. Lillian is very loved by eveyone in the Volturi and when she is threatened in anyway, they all become extremley protective of her and are willing to go to any lengths for her... no matter how hard.

Name Orgin

Lillian's first name 'Raksha-Andromeda-Vulpecula' is a joint first name. The name Raksha means demon, the name Andromeda comes from Lillian's mother's name 'Adella-Andromeda', and the name Vulpecula was Lillian's mother's middle name aswell as her great-grandmother on her mother's side.

Lillian's middle name 'Lillian' comes from her grandmother on her fathers side of the family, the middle name Melania comes from Lillian's grandmother and aunt on her mother's side of the family, the middle name 'Adella' come from Lillian's mother's name 'Adella-Andromeda'.


Adella's pregnancy

"No! Greyson! You can't leave! I will get rid of it! I promise, just don't leave!"

- Adella to Greyson on getting 'rid' of Lillian.

Lillian's mother, Adella.

L Lil

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