Hey everyone this is Renesmee Carlie Cullen and im Edward and Bella's daughter. I am a new member of this website and i was kinda thinking that, Since i love twilight sooo much, i should make one of these. It's amazing. im still getting used to it. If you guys would like, you could maybe send me a couple of pictures of Jacob.

Now, let's talk about Jacob. He's the amazing person i saw. i mean when my mom had me, i heard my dad say, "Hey, i got a idea" and my mom says "what?" and he asks..."if Jacob Liked you so much, why don't he imprint on Renesmee. i mean, she just came out of ur wound and she already is just like you" it was nice. Then, a couple of months later, i was older. Maybe, i looked like a 4 year old. Jacob, came over and wanted to see, mom and i.

So, Jacob saw me and i could have sworn that something clicked when we met eachother's eyes. it was like HOLY COW, but then after a while it was pretty cool. and everything. soo, yeah, lets talk about it!!!!!!

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