• RebeccaWoodbane


    I breathed in and out as I lay in bed. Behind my eyelids, a black screen rolled. No movements, no images. No sounds. I always dreamed in black. Just black. My eyelids flitted open to the dim lit room. Beside me, under my elbow which crushed into his chest, is Kanute. He never falls asleep like I can. I twirl my fingers into his short, thick raven black locks and I tug gently on the beautiful strands. He chuckles.

    “good morning,” I say. My voice needing to be cleared.

    “good morning,” he says. There was no evidence of sleep in his voice like there was in mine. His was crystal clear and smooth. A bit deep and rocky.

    I sat up on my elbow, still pressed into his chest. He didn’t seem to feel it ride deeper into the dent on his upper body, or…

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  • RebeccaWoodbane

    he reaches for my knitted cap and pulls it off my head. i shake my long black hair. it is as straight as bone. Kanute takes me by my hand and i follow him up the winding staircase. we stand infront of a door. he pushes it open with his hand. i go inside. there is a bed with sheets and comforters. there is a fireplace in the wall. and a window to look out. Kanute comes in and shuts the door. i peel off the rest of my clothes, except for my undershirt and i jump into the bed of cozy sheets. Kanute takes off his jacket and his hoody and his shoes. he lays on the bed. he sits up and his shoulders are against the headboard. i scoot closer to him inside the covers. i lay my head on his arm.

    "do i make you thirsty?" i ask. i look up to see his exp…

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  • RebeccaWoodbane

    Raspberry Kiss

    November 7, 2010 by RebeccaWoodbane

    winter is getting closer. the snow is piling high. my brown fur boots sink into the snow so deeply that i feel my sole touch the hard ground. my ears are cold, my nose is cold and i sniffle every few seconds. i take my arms out of my coat and pull the thick fabric closer to my shaking body. i wait for him at the bus stop. where he promised he would be. i don't know why. that's not a very vampire place to be. but i guess he really does like the more human things. white headlights appear in the darkness. the bus is coming. i stretch myself out to get a better look, without stepping onto the icy road. the bus comes to a slow swooshing stop and the doors slide open by themselves. a woman with two small boys steps off the bus. Kanute steps off …

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