aka Kristian Kringstad

  • I live in Molde
  • I was born on March 22
  • My occupation is Pupil
  • I am Male
  • RalphGV


    December 19, 2012 by RalphGV


    Kind, helpful and almost as good as Marcus (before Didyme died, was Marcus very kind. So if Ralph had lived then, had he not been kinder to a Marcus. But when Ralph was born, was Didyme death. And when Didyme died, Marcus stricter on the rules. And it did so that he was also a little meaner. So now Ralph kinder than Marcus. But it was not until he Didyme died.).
    His education is bodyguard. He is not mentioned in any of the movies or books. Ralph did not want to drink human blood, but does it because he is in the Volturi clan. He has at least blood thirsty in the Twilight saga. He has even less blood thirsty than Carlisle Cullen and Denali coven. He was the first who found that vegetarians fail to stop to drink them as well because they are temp…

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  • RalphGV

    Advanced mindpower

    December 12, 2012 by RalphGV

    Advanced mindpower can: move things, Give electrick shock/freeze and burn up things/people and animals, read minds/give thoughts to touch the face to the people (you do not need to touch people to hypnotize), reading emotions/controlling emotions, find facts about people and find people. Ralph Geolomin is the only as have this power.

    [1]Ralph Geolomin Volturi, the only as have advanced mindpower.Added by RalphGV

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