2012 B-LOG....(yay!)

I'm just going to pretend that today is the first of January. I mean, who does work on a sunday, right? So, i haven't been writing like i should this past month or so, and i was going to start on the first, BUT it was a sunday and really? You cannot start work on a sunday. That is my rant over, here is my new Years Resolutions.

1): Read more books! (2011 saw me read 66 books! That was depressing when i saw that. Hopefully more this year!

2): Write more! In 2011 i just wrote when i felt like it and not very much either. This year, (to save me from tears....) I'll have word counts that i have to make each day! Yay!

3): Stop going on the internet so much! Really! Half of my life is about the internet!

4): Use google for knowledge and not usless things!

Thats all i have for now. It's a bit rubbish....okay, it is rubbish! But, if anyone reads this, then tell me what you want from 2012. This year is hopefully going to be better than 2011....for me anyway! lol

Lee xxx

Lee Combe!
Made of? Awesomeness!
Yay? Absoluetly!
In love with whom? Taylor Launter or Jacob Black. Possibly both.

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