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  • I live in In my roooom, staring at pictures of a shirtless Taylor Launter *sigh*
  • I was born on February 19
  • My occupation is Twilight fan? That counts, right?
  • I am Fe---let me check........Yup! A little girlie!
  • PurpleTwilightStar

    I know that loads of people on here don't like fan fictions but...i wrote one anyway! Ha! It's about Rachel Black and Paul Lahote. Basically, he wants her to marry him.

    I'll load the frist page of it onto here. It you want to read the rest of it, then please follow this link to my writing account. Thanks!

    “Marry me!” Paul half yelled at the dark haired beauty standing beside him. Still, she shook her head. Stubbornly refusing to be his wife.

    Paul ran a hand through his hair. He was easily frustrated by Rachel, all he wanted was for them to marry and start a family of their own. He had proposed many times, each more desperate than the last. This was his seventh attempt.

    “Please.” He whispered, close to …

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  • PurpleTwilightStar

    Another picture blog from me! Came across this and wanted to get a few thoughts from the Twilight Wiki. Why not? lol

    What can i say? That is one SEXY MAN! TAYBERT! XXXX Lee XXX

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  • PurpleTwilightStar

    Please don't tell me you don't want to see this scene! Can't see any Renesmee in the picture though...never mind!

    P.s This isn't real art from the offical movie. It's purely fan- made! Lee xx

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  • PurpleTwilightStar

    2012 B-LOG

    January 2, 2012 by PurpleTwilightStar

    1): Read more books! (2011 saw me read 66 books! That was depressing when i saw that. Hopefully more this year!

    2): Write more! In 2011 i just wrote when i felt like it and not very much either. This year, (to save me from tears....) I'll have word counts that i have to make each day! Yay!

    3): Stop going on the internet so much! Really! Half of my life is about the internet!

    4): Use google for knowledge and not usless things!

    Lee Combe!
    Made of? Awesomeness!
    Yay? Absoluetly!
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  • PurpleTwilightStar

    Right! Here we go! A blog post! Right...okay...yeah. I've only done a few of these in my life time (not very long) but i love twilight and i want to contribute to this Wiki. Here goes....

    I want to talk about me, myself and twilight.

    First on the agenda, how did i discover Twilight and become a fan? (I feel like i'm a celebrity! Or a drug addict...) Quite simply, i didn't. The first book that i read by Stephenie Meyer was New Moon. I saw it in my local library and thought that the cover was stunning and that the Vampire element was different to the boring, everyday love stories out there. So i read it. Cover- to- cover. On 12/05/09 my life changed...(okay, now i'm just being stupid!) I was hooked! I wanted more!

    BUT! I knew someone who worked at…

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