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    Assistance Needed!

    December 2, 2012 by Puddinginthesky

    So, as previously mentioned, I have a Twilight themed role play on Chatzy.

    We have an Alice, a Jasper, an Emmett, a Demetri and a sometimes present Jane. We run on the basis of action-drama, mostly, with some slightly noncannon relationships.

    Currently, the plot consists of these points:

    1. Demetri has come to Forks on a mission from the Volturi. He's supposed to be canvasing the area in search of an uncatalogued nomad vampire, but Alice and Jasper are skeptic.
    2. Alice, Jasper, and Emmett are home alone while the remainder of the Cullens are elsewhere.
    3. Alice leaves to go shopping but gets a vision. She returns home.
    4. Meanwhile, Jane has arrived to assist Demetri. She isn't anymore welcome than he is.
    5. Alice tells them all that she forsees that Joham - f…

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  • Puddinginthesky

    So! What are your favorite pairings of all time!? All twenty. Let's see who meets the cut for you and who doesn't.


    € Pairings can be Cannon or Non-Cannon.

    € Heterosexual and homosexual relationships are allowed and encouraged.

    € Please specific between romances, fem!bromances, and bromances.

    € One does not simply say "I can't choose."

    € Your list items can be labeled as "interchangeable," which means the ranks can change with the wind.

    Let's see those lists!

    MINE: Interchangeable

    1) Jasper/Emmett (as a bromance)

    2) Jasper/Alice

    3) Jasper/Demetri (as a bromance or a romance)

    4) Demetri/Alice

    5) Jasper/Bella

    6) Carlisle/Esme

    7) Carlisle/Aro (can be a bromance)

    8) Rosalie/Emmett

    9) Jane/Aro

    10) Felix/Demetri (as a bromance)

    11) Jacob/Liz

    12) Caius/Alec

    13) …

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    So, does anyone do them? I mean, I'm not complaining in this particular post - I think I'm rather done with that... - but I was just curious as to if anyone was interested. I'm personally fond of post-Breaking Dawn.

    That's roleplaying with Twilight characters, for those of you who were somehow unaware.

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    Wow! So... Long time, no see, amirite? But hey! Now I'm back. So, a quick recap:

    1. My. Name. Is. Puddinginthesky. You can call me Pudding.?
    2. Jasper is my absolute favoritest character in the whole saga. He's epic and sex-ah and your favorite. could. never.
    3. I'm a girl.
    4. I like drawing and writing. I'm pretty good at it too.
    5. I love cats.
    6. I love wearing high heels. Call me Princess.
    7. I love Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.
    8. I've read every book in the series except for the second graphic novel. There are reasons.
    9. I loved all of the movies except for Twilight.
    10. Catherine Hardwicke is a bad lady.
    11. Eclipse and BDP2 are my favorite of the films.?
    12. Eclipse is my favorite book.
    13. I believe all of the books are horribly written, but the plot is pretty okay.?
    14. I hate Bella.
    15. Re…

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    Where is the love! I mean, where are the classics?

    Today's subject is simple. We live in a world where it is now impossible to write a classic. Perhaps it is due to the lack of manners and ettiquette? Maybe because today's young folk are to corrupted to value good literature. Which makes me very sad.

    I know Twilighters are very cultured and well read people, who savor classics and bits of good lit when they see it.

    • cough*disputable*cough*

    My friend and I were talking about how eventually, the classics will be seen only in museums, and only a minority of the youth will appreciate it and hold onto the practice of reading for fun. So, we were inspired to write a book, which is currently in the works. It's basically about a site where books are th…

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