Kay, so I was thinking about the didn't-happen-but-should-have-and-was-replaced-with-some-lackluster-crap fight scene.

So, we all wanted it. Steph obviously avoided it so she didn't have to kill anyone *cough*wimp*cough* *gag* So, yeah. I decided to list who I think'll live, and why.

*Emmett: He'd have a scary "close call", probably with Felix who at the last minutes has a heart and lets him go. He'd put up a heck of a fight, though. *Rosalie: Come on. This is ROSALIE. She' kick butt, obviously. IF she did die, it'd be saving Esme.

  • Jasper: He was made for fighting. 'Nuff said.
  • Alice: Jasper wouldn't let her die, and she wouldn't let herself die regardless.
  • Carlisle or Esme: One dies. The other vows to live in their memory. I figure if Esme died she'd make a big scene out of choking out the words "I love you all.." whilst the flames licked her flesh. Carlisle'd do about the same.
  • Aro, Caius, and Marcus: Cause life ain't fair and body guards are quite effective.
  • Chelsea: Turns out to be a heck of a fighter.
  • Corin: Weirdos usually live for some logic bending reason.
  • Felix: DUH.
  • Demetri: He'd flee. Swiftly. With the elders.
  • Jane: Survives by escaping. After she kills someone with her bare hands, of course.
  • Athenodora: Sacrifices Sulpicia for herself. She's Caius' LadySelf.
  • Tanya, Kate, and Garrett: Flee with the Maggie and Benjamin and his mate.
  • A few other nomads like Alistair and the Eygyptians: WIMPS.

And ma wolfie frands: Jacob valiantly fights for Renesmee's life (cause he's just...urgh.) and eventually is dragged away by Embry and Sam. Quil perishes honorably and Paul gives his life saving Leah, who in turn saves Sam. Seth is severly injurd but survives. Collin gets bitten and dies. Brady ran off, scared. Jared got his legs crushed by Felix and had to be dragged away, too.

Did I mention Edward is killed and Bella looses her concentration trying to save him? She attacks Felix, and is killed by Heidi, effectively ending his crush on Bella. Ooh, and Nessie is TAKEN BY THE VOLTURI. Who knows how they'll dispose of her. Mwa hahahaha.

Kay, give me some feedback, plz. And your own opinions on the matter.

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