Okay, so I had to do this! Anyone notice how certain characters seem like they could be the bestest of friends? Like Emmett and Jasper or Tanya and Kate..? Well, here's a list of my ideas.

  • Emmett and Jasper (Emmie and Jazzy)
  • Kate and Tanya
  • Demetri and Felix
  • Emmett and Felix
  • Heidi and Rosalie
  • Rosalie and Alice
  • Chelsea and Heidi
  • Aro and Caius
  • Etc...

So, you see the trend? Okay, so what are your opinions on the BFFs given, and who do YOU think are BFFs? And better yet, why

(P.S, this is funner if you think slightly Out of Character. But no crack characters, please.)

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