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Top 20 Favorite Pairings of All Time?

So! What are your favorite pairings of all time!? All twenty. Let's see who meets the cut for you and who doesn't.


€ Pairings can be Cannon or Non-Cannon.

€ Heterosexual and homosexual relationships are allowed and encouraged.

€ Please specific between romances, fem!bromances, and bromances.

€ One does not simply say "I can't choose."

€ Your list items can be labeled as "interchangeable," which means the ranks can change with the wind.

Let's see those lists!

MINE: Interchangeable

1) Jasper/Emmett (as a bromance)

2) Jasper/Alice

3) Jasper/Demetri (as a bromance or a romance)

4) Demetri/Alice

5) Jasper/Bella

6) Carlisle/Esme

7) Carlisle/Aro (can be a bromance)

8) Rosalie/Emmett

9) Jane/Aro

10) Felix/Demetri (as a bromance)

11) Jacob/Liz

12) Caius/Alec

13) Demetri/Heidi

14) Edward/Ms. Cope

15) Edward/Tanya/?Bella?

16) Vladimir/Stefan (as a bromance or romance)

17) Mike Newton/Emmett (as a bromances

18) Alice/Rosalie (as a fem!bromance)

19) Chelsea/Aice (as a fem!bromance)

20) Waylon/Joe

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