Anyone ever wonder what it's like in Volterra? Ever wonder what it's like living with a freak like Aro? What about all the secrets hidden within the Volturi castle's walls. I personally think Steph left us hanging there. It would be a crime against nature to leave them without their own book. If Meyer wastes time and effort on a book about Renesmee's life (which will be even worse and pointless than Bree's book) then I will officially become an ASHAMED Twilighter. Yeah, I went there. I know how difficult it is to write a manuscript and I respect that Meyer tries.

I read The Twilight Saga and it wasn't until a year later that I asked myself, "WTF? Why do these vampires sparkle?" I was into another, older type of vampire then. I liked the fangs, Victorian style, and down right sexiness of the old age vampires. Especially the one with the devious smile and yellow/blonde hair. Now, I am mature enough to like ALL vampires. Even the more....downplayed ones.

No one knows what the pull of the Twilight Saga is. It's not very well written, filled with useless words, and the characters should have be killed with fire from the get-go. So, why do we I, we, love it? There are many reasons.

  • The idea of true love captivated us totally. We started reading and it was like a train wreck. We had to see what happened next.
  • The minor characters supply endless fun. Plus, we keep waiting to see if they get the time they deserve.
  • We keep waiting for Bella's untimely and tragic death. Never occured.
  • By Eclipse, we were excited to see Bella's big choice made...and everything she would loose. But, she lost nothing.
  • We wanted to see married life for Bella, and Edward and Bella's love for one another become sweeter than ever. But nope, RENESMEE comes into the picture and Ed becomes chopped liver. Great job, Bella.

I even had a teacher tell me she started reading the series and realized it wasn't that well written. Even so, she said she could not put it down and didn't know why. Every now and again a story comes along with some strange and unnatural allure, I guess. Part of me wonders what will happen when this generation's Twilighters outgrow it....This is why I'm keeping my memorabilia. So, yeah. A lot of disappointment, but Steph created a world for use that made us reimagine vampires. Anne Rice did it last century, now Meyer revamped it. Maybe, in a couple decades, some other dude will redo what we thik of as vampires. But, for now, we can just be content with Twilight.

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