NOTE: was gonna name this blog "Robert Pattinson! What Really Grinds My Gears" but then I realized how wrong it sounded. :P

So, everyone seems to be raving about Robert Pattinson. He scored the iconic role of Edward Cullen..and a spot on every teenage girl's wall. What do I have to say on the matter? Barf. Pure and simple.

I don't consider him attractive or from what I've seen, talented. His singing disgusts me. But that's all good and well. What really burns me up is that he was voted sexiest man of 2010." What the WORDS HAVE BEEN CENSORED FOR EXTREME AND VIOLENT PROFANITY!!!???!?!"

I lost faith in my generation a few months ago, but honestly, what about all of the men that are actually worthy of that title? I agree with MANY of the placings...Although Gerard Butler could be higher up (and my momma agrees). Does anyone every wanna slap someone because they're just that irritated? Anyways, just saying.

My solution is simply to ban teenag girls from having a say. Seriously. But, I suppose Pattinson would somehow wriggle into a top spot. Please share your opinions! I just pity all those poor men and actors alike...*walks off muttering about how Hayden should have been chased down, bound, and cast way back in 2007*

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