Oh my firetrucking gosh. Why the heck is RENESMEE at number one on so many BEST character lists? I don't give a flying flip over the moon what anyone says in reply to this, but: Renesmee is an awful character. Not just the concept, but her development (or lack-thereof). She has the same uniqueness-of-personality as a loaf of bread. She is as Mary Sue as a person can get. She recieves absolutely no character development throughout the entire 300+ pages she is in. She is some perfect, intelligent, wonderful child who is supposedly the most beautiful thing on Earth. It's characters like her that make me feel ashamed to like Twilight. There's nothing likable about her because her goody-two-shoes perfectness is so annoying! I truly wanted to slap Stephenie Meyer when I finished Breaking Dawn. Renesmee is a terrible character. She doesn't have the personality or development to compete with characters like Landon Carter, Lestat de Lioncourt, Rosalie Hale, Nick Conover, and countless others of those higher calibers. It saddens me to know I'm the only one who seems to care about a character's development.

She's adorable, yes, but it's down right ridiculous. NO real child is like her. And, the fact that she's the spawn of Special Snowflake Bella and The Amazing Edward is no excuse.

Yeah, it's childish, but I just want to get my point across. When I first read BD I was like, " there's a baby." As I began to KNOW literature and read some of the greatest novels of the past few centuries, I realized what good characters were. Forgive me for growing up.

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