So, a lot of peoplre speculate over what happens after BD. I personally think one of three things would happen:

  • Aro and Felix would hatch a plot to get the Alice, Jasper, Edward, Bella and Renesmee to join the Volturi. Whilst there, Bella would fall in love with Felix (who loves her better than Edward ever could) and in a battle for her heart, Edward dies. Bella stays with the Volturi and Renesmee moves to La Push.
  • Renesmee becomes a model and travels the world with Jacob because she is super bad @$$ after being raised primarily by Rosalie and Jacob. The Cullens become tired of moving constantly and move in with the Volturi. Oh yah.
  • Caius kidnaps Renesmee in revenge and she eventually falls in love with Alec. A hurt Jacob finds actual love in a girl from another story know as Lizzie.

I think Renesmee may be a freaking awesome character if her personality is comprised of elements from both Rosalie's and Jacob's. The take-no-s**t attitude, happy disposition, and fierce loyalty would make a killer character. Plus, if she has some odd quirks about her and an interesting plot, I might like her yet.

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