Where is the love! I mean, where are the classics?

Today's subject is simple. We live in a world where it is now impossible to write a classic. Perhaps it is due to the lack of manners and ettiquette? Maybe because today's young folk are to corrupted to value good literature. Which makes me very sad.

I know Twilighters are very cultured and well read people, who savor classics and bits of good lit when they see it.

  • cough*disputable*cough*

My friend and I were talking about how eventually, the classics will be seen only in museums, and only a minority of the youth will appreciate it and hold onto the practice of reading for fun. So, we were inspired to write a book, which is currently in the works. It's basically about a site where books are the topic, and a select ensemble cast share bits of their lives, because they are abnormal and refuse to succumb to The Technology Overload Age, or as they know it, The Dead Literature Age.

But, yeah, what my point is, is that literature is an important thing. Good lit is hard to create, and it saddens me that so much garbage gets the praise it does. Steph, I'm lookin' at you.


  • What's your favorite book? Why?
  • What's you favorite character?
  • Do you have a character of your own that (you're proud of and) wanna tell me about?
  • What's you opinion on this literature period? What would you name it?
  • And, finally, how do you like your curly fries? *laughs*

Kay, thanks everyone. Sorry about the sarcasm deficit....

I CARE ABOUT YO OPINIONS. (Even if you ain't got no pancake mix.)

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