Below are my favorite characters.
  1. Rosalie Hale
  2. Jasper Hale
  3. Emmett Cullen
  4. Alice Cullen
  5. Aro
  6. Caius
  7. Tanya
  8. Kate
  9. Leah
  10. Jacob

Some of you may be surprised to see only one of the Big Three is featured. Please, visit my Opinion Dump blog for clarification.

I give Rosalie the top spot because the only time she ever disappointed me was in Breaking Dawn. And even then, I'm sure she was doing it for her own personal gain and would have liked it better if Bella had died. Rosalie might as well be Renesmee's mother. She does most of the work. Plus, being raised by Jacob and Rosalie, there may be hope for pulling Nessie out of her Sueism yet.

If Bella would have had half the spine Rosalie has, the Twilight Saga would have been MUCH better. I bet she would have chosen Jacob too, considering that's the type of man Rosalie needs. Happy, loyal, kind, gentle, comforting, warm....

Rosalie is a b****, but at least she's honest.

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