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(Ignore da title, yes?) So, I wanna let you in on a secret. I have OCD. I've had it since I created my first OC about...two years ago. Now, I have over fifty. Each one is individual and special in their own way. I have taken care to eradicate all Mary Sues and Gary Stues. I especially love using past elements, as seen with my Roman Tragedies characters. DeviantArt fuels my OCD. I hate to love you, and can't live with or without you, dA. 

About OCD:

OCD (Original' C'haracter Disorder) is a disorder in which one creates many characters and stories to go with them. A person usually develops this for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Lack of interest or satisfaction with their own world, so you create worlds to control and people to mess with.
  • Boredom forces you to begin creating people and worlds.
  • Intends on doing something with the ideas, but accumulates them over time.
  • Is just weird like that and accepts this and strings it along.

Join The CRAZE!'

Come on FRANDS! Lets all get a little OCD and create a character or two. I want to see just how creative you little monkeys are. I bet you can't wow me. Ooh, there's a challange! So, please, give it a think and leave me a comment with your character/opinions on Original Character Disorder. XD

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