Okay, so everything is on about how Jasper lacks all this self control and crap but I just don't see how he was the one to attack Bella. I mean, he isn't around her all the time, inhaling her scent. I personally think Alice or Edward would have snapped. I read the most amazing fanfiction where Edward pushed Bella into the table to get her away from him because he was losing it. And, Jasper only snaps because the glass cuts are making her bleed buckets. It was the most awesome Jasper/Bella fanfic. Actually, I love Jasper/Bella more than nearly any other pairing.

On the topic of Jasper/Bella, usually it involves Alice and Jasper spilting. I once read one where Alice became totally psycho and hated Bella. And then, another one where Alice left Jasper because she claimed that her purpose had been to bring him to the Cullens where he would meet Bella. And Edward was supposed meant to bring Bella to the Cullens so she'd eventually meet Jasper. Anyways, so Alice saiod they were never soul mates and he was meant for Bella. It was awesome.

Also, it seems like Alice/Edward is right. I mean, they click much better than Edward/Bella. And, they balance each other well. Bella and Jasper are both reserved and more mature. See the point?

If I'd have been Steph, it'd be Jasper/Bella and Alice/Edward. Just saying. Feel free to agree. ;D

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