Okay, I just wanted to set something straight.

People say Edward is SO comitted to Bella's safety and that it's so tragic he loves her too much to leave her. Yeah, tragic how pathetic that is. And, in New Moon, when he left her, Bella proved that something is wrong with her. Her obsessive behavior over him made her catatonic. And, for the record, I didn't feel bad for her. She...EXAGGERATES.

Some people claim that Jacob doesn't give a flying flip over the moon. You're thinking in comparison to Edward. Jacob does care about her safety, enough to risk himself against Victoria. What some percieve as lack of care is just him letting Bella BE a 17/18 year old girl. He thinks she can handle motor cycles and cliff diving. He lets her be Bella. The truest thing he ever said to her was that she would have had to change for him. For Edward, she has to always be on edge. Jacob is a boyfriend...Edward is some father figure.

If I were Bella (forbdid THAT ever happens), I wouldn't have let Edward back into my life after the events in New Moon. I'd have told him he hurt me too much. I'd have said he treats me like a child and tried to control MY life. I'd have ended the conversation with, "You're not my dad". Then, I'd have went to the one person who had made me feel whole, happy, myself - Jacob.

So, in short, Jacob's love for Bella is pure, sweet, and innocent. He treats her like an equal. Edward's stuck in the twentieth century frame of mind and I pity Bella for her bad decision.

I'm team Rosalie, but when a good character is kicked around, I just wanna say something in the defense of good fiction.

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