So, I was wondering, do you consider Edward Cullen to be a Byronic Hero? Do you believe he belongs among the ranks of characters such as Edward Rochester, Mr. Heathcliff (writing Heathcliff Heathcliff is almost as stupid as saying it...wait...), Claude Frollo, Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, and countless others? Does he seem like a hero, even? Could you sleep peacefully after labeling him as one of the angsy, tortured, arrogant, complex, mysterious characters....or refusing to?

Check out the characteristics of a Byronic Hero:

  • a strong sense of arrogance
  • high level of intelligence and perception
  • cunning and able to adapt
  • suffering from an unnamed crime
  • a troubled past
  • sophisticated and educated
  • self-critical and introspective
  • mysterious, magnetic and charismatic
  • struggling with integrity
  • power of seduction and sexual attraction
  • social and sexual dominance
  • emotional conflicts, bipolar tendancies, or moodiness
  • a distaste for social institutions and norms
  • being an exhile, an outcast, or an outlaw
  • disrespect of rank and privilege
  • jaded, world-weary
  • cynicism
  • self-destructive behavior


Now, I ask another question...: Did Stephenie Meyer succeed in creating a Byronic Hero, or did she fail? Is he truly gripping and forces you to hate him sometimes, love him others? Does he captivate you, yet make you question why you even read about him? Does he seem...softer....or rougher?

Also, could you kindly give me examples of the following, either in the serious or not. (they can simply give off an air of fitting the type):

  • Anti-hero
  • Tragic Hero
  • Romantic Hero
  • Reluctant Hero

Now, go forth, my friends, and reflect.


What does that make Jacob...? (haha)

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