Okay, so remember how I totally and utterly DESPISE Edward Cullen? Like, with a fiery passion? And how I gave reasons?

Well, I don't anymore. *gasps of shock*

Yeah, I decided I don't. He had potential. Potential to be as awesome as his brother, as the Volturi, as Carlisle, as the Romanians, and countless others. But, his creation was an epic fail. And, that's not his fault. I see what Stephenie was going for, too bad she's just not that skilled. Really sad. I mean, it's soooo difficult to create the type of character she was after with him. I get that. But, it's unacceptable. And to see that so many completely missed this epic fail...Sad.

See, to craft this type of character takes the ability to make them do things you don't like, and to make them become a real person. Like, to be able to say, "If this guy was real, he would so kill me" or "If he was a real person, the world would reach a new level of awesome". You have to get into their head, to torturer them with things you KNOW they hate then give them a reprieve, a reward.

I like when my characters pull against the plot. Gosh, it's so fun. They take on this "WAAM" personality. Edward Cullen doesn't strike me as real. There's the problem. He's so...fake. His traits fall flat, he's so 2D. But, like how he was going to eat Bella. His love for her is but a plot device, I realize. In another world, he'd have eaten her and THAT would have been a plot device.

So, let me toss you this idea. Say he bit her, nearly drained her, then his better judgement took over and he couldn't kill her? Like, he was stuck with a vampire of his own creation, an accident. Then we see them fall in love (if she had a personality, I mean) and then complications arise, etc, etc. Yeah.

Anyways, I mean there's a horizon of possibilities for Edward. I don't see him as he was in the books anymore. He's totally OOC in my mind. It's funner. Emmett and Jasper are his BFFs, Bella's...there, and he treats Nessie like, well, he doesn't.

So, Steph, I see what you did there. Just don't do it again. Ever.

Oh, btw, thank you, so much, Steph. You gave us a world that I just kinda mess with for fun. That's awesome.


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