Well, a lot of people have been buzzing about Breaking Dawn lately. It's being loved and put under fire. Now, I will only say that it's a very different book, thus leading us all to have different opinions of it.

There were plenty of loveable and detestable parts (I'm saying this unbiased). What I want is for the following questions to be answered by you, the people.

  1. Did you read Breaking Dawn completely through?
  2. Did you initially like it?
  3. Do you still like it?
  4. What characters changed the most (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.)
  5. Was the ending satisfactory?
  6. How often did you whip out a dictionary while reading?
  7. How many times have you reread it?
  8. Does Breaking Dawn seem logical?
  9. Who was your favorite character?
  10. Do you feel as if Nessie replaced Edward in Bella's heart?
  11. What type of mesage or moral did you recieve from Breaking Dawn?
  12. How would you change Breaking Dawn?

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