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BACK IN BLACK. Or Green. Or Rainbowz.

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Wow! So... Long time, no see, amirite? But hey! Now I'm back. So, a quick recap:

  1. My. Name. Is. Puddinginthesky. You can call me Pudding.?
  2. Jasper is my absolute favoritest character in the whole saga. He's epic and sex-ah and your favorite. could. never.
  3. I'm a girl.
  4. I like drawing and writing. I'm pretty good at it too.
  5. I love cats.
  6. I love wearing high heels. Call me Princess.
  7. I love Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.
  8. I've read every book in the series except for the second graphic novel. There are reasons.
  9. I loved all of the movies except for Twilight.
  10. Catherine Hardwicke is a bad lady.
  11. Eclipse and BDP2 are my favorite of the films.?
  12. Eclipse is my favorite book.
  13. I believe all of the books are horribly written, but the plot is pretty okay.?
  14. I hate Bella.
  15. Renesmee is a stupid name.
  16. Stefan and Vlad are my homies.
  17. Wanna chillax? Can do, dog.
  18. Emmizzle is ma homizzle fo' shizzle.
  19. Now that I'm back, don't expect me to leave again.

So, guys... WHAT'S GOOD IN DA HOOD? And by that I mean, has the Twilgihtosphere been awesome since I left?

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