So, as previously mentioned, I have a Twilight themed role play on Chatzy.

We have an Alice, a Jasper, an Emmett, a Demetri and a sometimes present Jane. We run on the basis of action-drama, mostly, with some slightly noncannon relationships.

Currently, the plot consists of these points:

  1. Demetri has come to Forks on a mission from the Volturi. He's supposed to be canvasing the area in search of an uncatalogued nomad vampire, but Alice and Jasper are skeptic.
  2. Alice, Jasper, and Emmett are home alone while the remainder of the Cullens are elsewhere.
  3. Alice leaves to go shopping but gets a vision. She returns home.
  4. Meanwhile, Jane has arrived to assist Demetri. She isn't anymore welcome than he is.
  5. Alice tells them all that she forsees that Joham - father of Nahuel - has heard of Renesmee somehow and is interested in her to the point of coming with a small army of his half breeds with the intent of taking her and Alice.
  6. Alice and Jasper have called Edward and Carlisle, who are supposedly on their way home.
  7. Bella and Renesmee were visiting the Denalis, which is where Edward is coming from.

Immediately, we need:

  • Carlisle
  • Edward
  • Any Volturi member except for Demetri and Jane

Relationships so far:

  • All usual Cullen pairings are in place.
  • Demetri has a "crush" on Alice. This is pretty obvious.
  • Demetri and Felix have a bromance like Emmett and Jasper.

We have a strict policy on grammar. Strict meaning it must be:

  • Understandable.
  • Proper punctuation.
  • Decent spelling.
  • Proper capitalization.

and absolutely

  • No text speak.

Pretty basic, I do believe. While I've asked for Cullens and Volturi members, we would accept any nomads or shapeshifters you may desire to be. If you wish to join, please let me know here on this blog before you randomly pop in.

THE LINK: (And please be careful with this.)

Please, and thank you in advance!

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