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  • I live in ...definitely not a box.
  • I was born on November 27
  • I am Female. (Pronounced feh-MAH-lee)
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    Assistance Needed!

    December 2, 2012 by Puddinginthesky
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    So! What are your favorite pairings of all time!? All twenty. Let's see who meets the cut for you and who doesn't.


    € Pairings can be Cannon or Non-Cannon.

    € Heterosexual and homosexual relationships are allowed and encouraged.

    € Please specific between romances, fem!bromances, and bromances.

    € One does not simply say "I can't choose."

    € Your list items can be labeled as "interchangeable," which means the ranks can change with the wind.

    Let's see those lists!

    MINE: Interchangeable

    1) Jasper/Emmett (as a bromance)

    2) Jasper/Alice

    3) Jasper/Demetri (as a bromance or a romance)

    4) Demetri/Alice

    5) Jasper/Bella

    6) Carlisle/Esme

    7) Carlisle/Aro (can be a bromance)

    8) Rosalie/Emmett

    9) Jane/Aro

    10) Felix/Demetri (as a bromance)

    11) Jacob/Liz

    12) Caius/Alec

    13) …

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    So, does anyone do them? I mean, I'm not complaining in this particular post - I think I'm rather done with that... - but I was just curious as to if anyone was interested. I'm personally fond of post-Breaking Dawn.

    That's roleplaying with Twilight characters, for those of you who were somehow unaware.

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    Wow! So... Long time, no see, amirite? But hey! Now I'm back. So, a quick recap:

    1. My. Name. Is. Puddinginthesky. You can call me Pudding.?
    2. Jasper is my absolute favoritest character in the whole saga. He's epic and sex-ah and your favorite. could. never.
    3. I'm a girl.
    4. I like drawing and writing. I'm pretty good at it too.
    5. I love cats.
    6. I love wearing high heels. Call me Princess.
    7. I love Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.
    8. I've read every book in the series except for the second graphic novel. There are reasons.
    9. I loved all of the movies except for Twilight.
    10. Catherine Hardwicke is a bad lady.
    11. Eclipse and BDP2 are my favorite of the films.?
    12. Eclipse is my favorite book.
    13. I believe all of the books are horribly written, but the plot is pretty okay.?
    14. I hate Bella.
    15. Re…

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    Where is the love! I mean, where are the classics?

    Today's subject is simple. We live in a world where it is now impossible to write a classic. Perhaps it is due to the lack of manners and ettiquette? Maybe because today's young folk are to corrupted to value good literature. Which makes me very sad.

    I know Twilighters are very cultured and well read people, who savor classics and bits of good lit when they see it.

    • cough*disputable*cough*

    My friend and I were talking about how eventually, the classics will be seen only in museums, and only a minority of the youth will appreciate it and hold onto the practice of reading for fun. So, we were inspired to write a book, which is currently in the works. It's basically about a site where books are th…

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