Okay so Jackson Rathborne has been in the Twilight saga (AMAZING MOVIES) and the Last Airbender (good movie). However in both movies he has been given two girlfriends, which by the way don't have unfortunate looks! So what team are you on Team Yue from The Last Airbender or Team Alice from The Twilight Saga. Personally I'm on Team Alice because the two actors have real chemistry and they're meant to be (nothing says love like spending an eternity together wanting blood from the next human that walks by right?). Sorry Yue but Alicee and Jasper are just kinda written in the stars!

What Team are you on?

--I don't hate you, I don't particually like you but,,This may hurt alotTeam Rane Friendship Forver 22:35, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

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