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January 9, 2012
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  • PixieXW

    In one of my own stories I have a strange idea, I have created the cure to being a vampire, without giving too much away I wanted to ask what anyone thought about this. I have a situation where one of the family- who has like the rest been living entierly on human food for the past year- is being left to live of f blood for an entire month. She hasn't tasted it in over four years and with human tastebuds its horrible BUT will she be able to survive by drinking it or will she slowly starve like every other human would. Her general health is also compromised a bit.

    Any ideas would be apriciated! I just need some ideas and hey where else am I going to find people with such a good knowledge of this stuff.


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  • PixieXW

    Well basically I'm looking for these tests for a fanfic story I'm writing and I am trying to come up with tests for some very talented vampires (in a rather loose term which I can't explain without explaining the entire of the prequel) I need to find the best tests for two children who- since I can't really explain the whole thing- are the kids of four members of the cullen family and five kids that aren't.

    The most important person for me to test is the main character Melody, I am really struggling to find the best way to test her abilities to the very limit. Melody is almost human- so she can actually die but has a mixture of both her parents talents (sorry I said I wouldn't go into too much detail but it's proving pretty difficult, I'm r…

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  • PixieXW

    How Human Is Renesmee

    April 30, 2012 by PixieXW

    This is something I just sort of thought of . I've read a lot of stories where she has gone on to have children, and i guess that's what I'm getting at, do you really think it is possible for her to have kids?

    I personally, and saddly I might add, don't think this is possible because she may be alive but she still feeds on blood , there is too much vampire in her for that to happen and also when she becomes an adult she will stop growing and changing- just like all the other female vampires in the family meaning it won't happen.

    My other thought, warning scientific thoughts ahead, is that also werewolves (shapeshifters) are sworn enemies of vampires. I can only imagine that is similar to trying to breed a lion and a wildebeast. There is no w…

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  • PixieXW

    I was speaking to some friends about this and it frustrates me how much the Twilight films have changed since they were first started. If you look at the first pictures of the Cullens they are the most acurate- they are all pale and they generally have the right hair styles and colours. (The exceptions being the length of Jasper's hair and the colour of Edwards)

    Since then I have noticed the white make-up has almost disapeared- in the wedding scene in Breaking Dawn the Cullen's fit in with the humans, they only look a little sun-deprived.

    It bothers me also that certain characters have had a new hairstyle every time! Everyone agrees that Alice's ever changing hair is ridiculous. In New Moon her hair was shoulder length and yes it looked nice…

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  • PixieXW

    Well, as I've got on my profile, I love to write with the twilight characters and this question is about that.

    If, like in one of my stories, the cullens could have children- I created a cure to vampirism- then who would have what and why do you think so- be as specific as you like. I know I'm not the only person who has thought about this just as a side thought.

    PixieXW 20:01, January 10, 2012 (UTC)

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