OK now I finally have the chance to ask a quetion I have wanted to ask for as long as I've been a twilight fan- it's one of those ultimate questios that depends a lot on personal preferance rather than true facts- just wanted to see if I could get it out,

The question is... Who are the closest Twilight couple?

Please pay attention to wording, not who are the best or the sweetest or what ever other reason but who are the closest, the ones that get on the best, that can comunicate and agree better than the others. Is it Edward and Bella? Well he could kill her if he even went near her at the beginning and has came over so much to be with her. Or Alice and Jasper? She waited nearly thirty years for his love and neventually found him learning to accept the most distant member of the family- and they know what each other is thinking just by looking into their eyes!

Or maybe you think of Carlisle and Esme- she was almost dead but to Carlisle she was too beautiful, Rosalie and Emmett- she was just a newborn and she carried him over a hundred miles o have him saved.

Don't worry I'm not about to forget the wolves- Jacob and Renesmee- because he will watch her grow and change till she's old enough to love. The same with Quil and Claire because he will always be there when she needs a hug. Or Sam and Emily- because she loves him unconditionally even though he hurt her.

I really want to know what people think, I made up my decision a long time ago but I wanna see if it's possible to reach an over all decision

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