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Ultimate tests for a talented vampire

Well basically I'm looking for these tests for a fanfic story I'm writing and I am trying to come up with tests for some very talented vampires (in a rather loose term which I can't explain without explaining the entire of the prequel) I need to find the best tests for two children who- since I can't really explain the whole thing- are the kids of four members of the cullen family and five kids that aren't.

The most important person for me to test is the main character Melody, I am really struggling to find the best way to test her abilities to the very limit. Melody is almost human- so she can actually die but has a mixture of both her parents talents (sorry I said I wouldn't go into too much detail but it's proving pretty difficult, I'm really NOT trying to advertise) Melody can not only see the future but- thanks to Daddy- can show what she's seen to people in a close vecinity, the closer the easier. You can now see why she's valuable. She can also vaguely sense emotions- Part of the Duplex gene.

Her cousin EJ, yup Nessie's li'l bro, can- through a bubble/ force field thing, convey his thoughts as well as read them. He can protect with his bubble but not more than two or three people for more than an hour.

I also have Cyrus, who is telekinetic. Xia Ying, who glows a light from her skin that is blinding- she is only seven so she might get stronger as she grows up. Bonnie, who can make herself almost entierly invisable. Vesper, who can heal most wounds with a single touch. (the others are not duplex genes, just to stop confusion) any ideas on how I can make some challenges these guys would really struggle to complete- how do you challenge guys who can do this?

I know this is only verging on a twilight related question but I've not got any help elswere and I really, really need some help!!

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