I really don't think jacob loved bella like edward did. He might have loved her like family, but if any one has read eclipse, in the end, towards the end when bella went to go see him, He admitted to playing a game with edward. He said that edward, he thought edward was playing a game with her too. He said he is better at it than I am, I haven't been around him long enogh to pick up his tricks. Edward wasn't playing a game with her, and I feel that she saw that. Jacob was nothing but a manipulator, didn't really care about bella. As far as breaking dawn, when he went over to see her, I feel t5hat it was reneesme that pulled him there and kept him there. On page 451 breaking dawn jacob tells bella quote" that was her {reneesme} from the very beginning" they had to be together then for her reneesme. That's why I really don't rthink he loved her. It was reneesme that pulled jacob to bella he didn't realize it, nobody did.

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