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Its all about the Leech.

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As much as we lovers of the Pack, cringe at the lack of news on the pack, we should remember that the story is about Bella Swan. Bella Swan becoming Bella Cullen.
So it's a story of girl meets Vampire and who's best younger bud happens to be from a tribe of shape shifting wolves, of which Jacob is the lead character.

What is my point? My point is until Breaking Dawn pt 1 and Breaking Dawn pt 2 is actually release it will be cut many, many times and the scissors are more likely to fall on the Quileute parts, so please don't make Summit angry by spreading rumors about the pack!

We already know from Victoria that they are willing to cut and completely change characters and the actors who play them. If they did cast the remaining wolves and imprints they are keeping it a secret. So even if you know or think you know or heard if from someone who says they know.. you don't know! And you sure don't want to be the reason their very small part was cut!

I've seen rumors of Jared's Kimmy, Quil's Claire, Paul's Rachel and the rest of the pack. If they were cast they would most likely be Canadian first nations people who this could be their first break.


Even Twilight and Eclipse cast well known (in the first nation acting circle) actors to play the parts of the flashbacks of Carlisle's first meeting and the attack of the Cold One and later his mate but they weren't given credit at first.

So again, it's about Bella Swan and her love of the Leeches. I say PROTECT THE PACK! Stop rumors! Summit has the final say...and stay tuned to myself as I will post when it's confirmed!

Paul.silverwolf 15:59, August 29, 2011 (UTC)aSilverWolfNamedPaul

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