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    (From my other pack blog TwilightPack.blogger) [1]Brandon Peters, newest member of Sam's wolf pack for Twilight's Breaking Dawn hails from Lillooet, British Columbia. Brandon, currently resides in Vancouver a talent musician he has been featured on other artist track now he's concentration on his own music too! Brandon's tribe affiliation is with the lil'wat. He is represented musically byLow key Entertainment and acting byRedGoddess Talent
    Brandon has samples of his music posted both onYouTube and ReverbNation and MySpace He has a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account!
    Fan Email
    Same of his music.. Tribute to Canunks Lite RB rap Mix [2]

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  • Paul.silverwolf

    Work in progress Quileute Tribe Members

    'Quileute Tribe Members' Character Actor Name Twitter Facebook other sites*Jacob Black Taylor Lautner ---no twitter--- [1]Facebook web imdb other

    • Billy Black Gil Birmingham @ Facebook Web imdb other
    • Sam Uley Chaske Spenser @ Facebook web imdb other
    • Sam Uley Solomon Trimble @ Facebook web imdb other
    • Embry Call Kiowa Gordon @ Facebook web imdb other
    • Embry Call Krys Hyatt @ Facebook web imdb other
    • Quil Ateara Tyson Houseman

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  • Paul.silverwolf

    As much as we lovers of the Pack, cringe at the lack of news on the pack, we should remember that the story is about Bella Swan. Bella Swan becoming Bella Cullen. So it's a story of girl meets Vampire and who's best younger bud happens to be from a tribe of shape shifting wolves, of which Jacob is the lead character.

    What is my point? My point is until Breaking Dawn pt 1 and Breaking Dawn pt 2 is actually release it will be cut many, many times and the scissors are more likely to fall on the Quileute parts, so please don't make Summit angry by spreading rumors about the pack!

    We already know from Victoria that they are willing to cut and completely change characters and the actors who play them. If they did cast the remaining wolves and impr…

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