So, on the 15-16, I watched Breaking Dawn Part 2, and for me this movie was the best one so far, this movie made The Vampire Diaries, look like a joke, but im here to talk about Alices vision...

At the start of the Volturi vs Cullen's, I was exited as from the books (which I have not read) the Cullens and the Volturi fight and the Cullens win!, but then I saw Alice and Jasper walk on, and Alice showing Aro the vision, when she said "You've seen it and you still wont change your mind" and then Alice was grabbed, I thought ok whats going to happen now, but then Carlisle ran after her, throwing vampires here there and everywhere I thought go on Carlisle, but then when Aro Decapidated Carlisle, I nearly cried after seeing Esme and Edwards reaction, then the fight broke out, and clearly as those who have seen it could clearly tell at the beginning the Volturi were losing but then they came up and started to win. But then Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, killed Aro, everyone in the cinema litteraly started clapping and cheering but then the last Volturi member died I didn't understand why he let himself die. But then it was just a vision, which I was quite happy about as Carlisle was still alive, but then when Alice walked away like a bad a**, It was amazing!! So what do you guys think about the last film,

And another thing when Bella was beating Jacob up at the beginning I loved it!!

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