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Exciting Wikia Feature: Chat

Ohmyn0 April 16, 2011 User blog:Ohmyn0

Howdy Twilight Saga Wikians!

Today I'm happy to tell you that we've selected Twilight Wiki to be one of the few selected wikis to receive a new Wikia feature: Chat. We've been working hard on this feature for a while now, and we want to see how it behaves in the wild. To join, find the "join chat" section under the "add a photo" tool on the right rail of any article page.

Right now, the chat is still in the beta stage. There will be bugs and oddities, so we're glad to have your community as part of our team to help find them as we iron them out. We still have a bunch of exciting features in the pipeline.

I know you awesomely creative Wikians will come up with cool uses for Chat. :) So take a look, have some fun, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Thanks!

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