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Charisma (12), Grace (6), David (4), and Layla (3) they have been turned into shape- shifters by a magical person. They found out and try to keep it a secert but the family and friends found out in a party. Later Charisma, Grace, David, and Layla get into a wormhole that takes them to a cartoon named Gravity Falls. They found out that they cannot leave. READ MORE TO FIND OUT!


[Later at night 4 minks named Charisma, Grace, David, and Layla were watching a wolf movie that have been finished.]

Charisma: I love that movie so much I wish I was the last white wolf ever.

Grace: Yeah but all the white wolves are dead now because people hunted them for their fur.

David and Layla: Yeah.

Charisma: All right we have to go to bed now.

[They went to Charisma's bed]

Charisma: Good night you guys.

David, Grace, and Layla: Good night cous.

[They went to sleep but at 12.00 A.M. something happen. A person came into Charisma's room]

?: They like wolves huh?

[The person raised up his hand and Charisma, Grace, David, and Layla were flying up high]

?: The red headed likes white wolves. I can do something about it.

[He snapped his fingers Charisma's right shoulder was glowing. She has a wolf sign on her right shoulder in the movie they were watching]

?: I think this are her family members to that like grey wolves to.

[He snapped his fingers and their right shoulders started to glow like Charisma and they had that wolf sign but Charisma's cousins turn grey wolves not Charisma because she is a white wolf.]

?: I hope they like what I did for them? [Laughs evily]

[He snappes his fingers to put them back to Charisma's bed and left.] 

[The day later]

David: [sees Charisma's right shoulder] Charisma why do you have that on your shoulder?

Charisma: [sees the sign and looks at her cousins shoulders] You guys have it to.

[They looked at their right shoulders]

Layla: What does it mean?

Charisma: I'm not sure but we should go to the woods in our human forms.

[They turned their human forms and went into the woods.]

[In the woods]

Charisma: [human form] I will check what it means.

[Charisma checks the signs online and she found it. After she read it she had a face that liked was about to pass out.]

[Her cousins saw her and said]

David: [Human Form] Cous what happen?

Charisma: I found out the sign and what it means.

Grace: [Human form] What does it mean cous?

Charisma: We are.... shape- shifters.


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