• Odietuffy

    The Minks

    March 5, 2013 by Odietuffy

    Charisma (12), Grace (6), David (4), and Layla (3) they have been turned into shape- shifters by a magical person. They found out and try to keep it a secert but the family and friends found out in a party. Later Charisma, Grace, David, and Layla get into a wormhole that takes them to a cartoon named Gravity Falls. They found out that they cannot leave. READ MORE TO FIND OUT!

    [Later at night 4 minks named Charisma, Grace, David, and Layla were watching a wolf movie that have been finished.]

    Charisma: I love that movie so much I wish I was the last white wolf ever.

    Grace: Yeah but all the white wolves are dead now because people hunted them for their fur.

    David and Layla: Yeah.

    Charisma: All right we have to go to bed now.

    [They went to Charisma'…

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  • Odietuffy

    My Ocs

    March 4, 2013 by Odietuffy

    Name: Charisma Mink

    Sex: Female

    Age: 12

    Occupations: Part time employee of the Mystey Shack, alpha of her own pack, singer, dancer, and a fighter

    Species: a shape- shifter, a angel, a wizard, a monster hunter, a fariy, an agent, a mink, a singer, a dancer, and a fighter

    Famliy: Grace (younger cousin), David (younger cousin), Layla (youngest cousin), Cathy (mom), Sam (dad)

    Personality: Crazy, shy, funny, sassy, cool, kind, gentle, playful, caring, loving, fun, talented, friendly, smart, sweet, and stuck up

    Special abilities: Alpha voice, Superior hearing, superior strenght, great eyesight, and superior speed

    Hair and tail: Red velvet

    Fur: White

    Human Skin: Russet

    Human Form:

    5 to 6 inches in hight, red curly hair, and russet skin and has clothes on.  


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